N.C. Property Rights Coalition Billboards Thank Law Enforcement Professionals for Keeping Our Communities Safe

[Sept. 18, 2020] – The N.C. Property Rights Coalition has placed three billboard messages in the Raleigh area thanking law enforcement professionals for their service. One billboard is on South Saunders Street at I-440, one faces east on I-440 near Brentwood Road and one faces west on I-440 near Yonkers Road.

“Private property rights are one of the most fundamental rights we enjoy as Americans, but without the police to enforce the law, we cannot feel safe in our homes and on our own property,” said former Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Kieran J. Shanahan, Chairman of the N.C. Property Rights Coalition. “We are grateful for the service, dedication and sacrifice of the men and women in law enforcement who put themselves in harm’s way to keep our communities safe each day and night.”

“We hope to launch more billboards thanking our law enforcement professionals for their service,” added Shanahan, a former federal prosecutor and founder of Raleigh-based Shanahan Law Group, PLLC. “Anyone who wishes to support this effort is invited to make a contribution via our website, NCPropertyRights.com.”